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a flourish or short tune played on brass instruments, used as a military signal, at a ceremonial event, etc.



a ceremonial or military trumpet-sounding, normally consisting of major triads. They also appear in symphonic and operatic music, as in Beethoven’s Fidelio and Leonore overtures nos. 2 and 3, in Verdi’s Aїda, where special instruments are called for, and in Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio italien. Two-part fan fares make wide use of an ascending progression with intervals of a sixth, a fifth, and a third. Fanfares may also be short pieces for trumpets and kettledrums, for trumpets, French horns, and trom bones, or for other instrumental combinations.

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The annual Fanfare Competition offers an opportunity for young people aged 12-21 to compose a 30 second fanfare composition for orchestra.
Horns and fanfares are crucial components for all means of transportation, and Bosch engineers have been conscious about this fact since 100 years ago," said Bodemer.
The opening movement, entitled "Fanfare--antique," is intended as an homage to Claudio Monteverdi's Orfeo; indeed, this strongly accented, rhythmically vital, and extremely effective fanfare evokes the style of the opera's opening Toccata with upward-running sixteenth notes, very bright harmonies, and dotted eighth-note rhythms leading to sforzando holds.
A FORMER household cavalry trumpeter to the Queen has launched a personalised fanfare service.
The fanfares chosen for the coming season's concerts include "Seekers of the Truth" by Jack Siegel, Miami, Florida; "Intrada" by Laurie J.
Stravinsky: Fanfare for a New Theatre; Stravinsky: Fanfare from the ballet Agon; Gesualdo: Belta, poi che l'asseti; Sanford: Corpus; Sharp: Beyond the Curve; Tan: Moo Shu Rap Wrap; Grabois: Migration; Nelson: Dream of Miles; Brecker/Herrington: Some Skunk Funk
The opening fanfare theme consists of triplets and dotted eighth and sixteenth note rhythms, no doubt inspired by the hunting horn calls of Mahler's Symphony No.
The three Williams fanfares are the thrilling music we have come to expect when John Williams sets out to thrill us.
Step three: I memorized the 51 fanfares (listed below) from Roger Laurent's list of Fanfares de Circonstance et d'Animaux published by and required by the FITF.
UK lottery controller Camelot offered luxury breaks to anyone who heard a fanfare from the lottery terminal when they bought a ticket in March.
Fanfare, a leading provider of innovative testing solutions to service providers (SPs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises, today announced that IP Infusion has selected Fanfare iTest[R] software to automate its end-to-end testing process.
Fanfare is a founding member of NTAF, an industry forum launched earlier this year to develop and promote network automation interoperability standards.