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floor area ratio

The ratio of the total floor area of a building (excluding areas such as mechanical rooms or the areas of floors used exclusively for mechanical equipment) to the area of the lot on which the building is built.
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Tote: 6 Canada, Faraway Look, 8 Ranin, Ulundi, 10 Pantar, 11 Thundering Surf, 12 Pinchincha, 14 Bogus Dreams, Catchy Word, Julius, Denise Margaret, Man O'Mystery, Riberac, 16 bar.
So in telescopes on Earth, the vast population of stars that glow in visible light in a faraway galaxy shows up in the infrared.
James Fanshawe and Richard Mullen, who combined to land Sandown's Tote Exacta Handicap 12 months ago, bid for a repeat with Faraway Look today when the pounds 100,000 race opens Sandown's three-day Eclipse meeting, writes David Yates.
But that form was given a serious boost when Takamaka Bay won at Royal Ascot and Faraway Look, whose only previous wins had come on all- weather tracks, has clearly transferred his ability to turf.
Our cities all across America have Vietnam veterans living in the streets, their only assets being a Vietnam campaign ribbon and the survival skills honed in the jungles of a faraway land.
Another unexposed filly to note at Yarmouth is Faraway Lady in the Angels Gentleman's Club Handicap (8.
That reactor has been shut down since its steaming, partially melted core sent Pennsylvanians scurrying onto highways for unscheduled visits with faraway relatives--very faraway relatives--and drove Northeasterners into queasy analysis of mid-Atlantic weather patterns.
Although aspects of his Armenian identity have appeared in other films such as Next of Kin, Family Viewing and Calendar, why it has taken so long for the pre-eminent artist of Armenian origin in contemporary cinema to make a film of this singular moment in Armenian history is based on Egoyan's own awareness of the dangers inherent in fictionalizing a faraway historical event so close to his own heritage.
In his 27 photo stories for this magazine, Conklin brought readers up close with poverty and justice struggles on Indian reservations, in Appalachia, urban ghettos, prisons, and faraway countries.
Then, and only then, should you exile it to the faraway recesses of your fading memory.
Lured by the radio beacon of a faraway galaxy, astronomers have discovered the most distant cluster of galaxies known in the universe.
For the second time this year, American troops have been sent to a faraway land with the mission of using guns to bring peace.