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(făs`tī), in ancient Rome, dies fasti were days on which public business could be transacted without impiety. The word also came to be used for the calendars and almanacs that contained such information as holy days, festivals, and historical events. The first known fasti was published in 304 B.C.



in ancient Rome, originally the name for the days of the month that were deemed favorable for the conduct of state affairs; later, a name for the Roman calendar. The term fasti also denoted annual lists, drawn up by the pontifices, of the names of important public figures, such as magistrates, priests, and victorious generals who had been given a triumph. Surviving fasti have been collected by T. Mommsen in his Corpus inscriptionumLatinorum (vol. 1, Berlin, 1963).

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Chapter 5 uses these notions of Roman antiquarianism to examine Marsi's reading of the Fasti as a type of nationalistic discourse connecting classical roles with ecclesiastical ones in an idealization of Rome's early splendor.
Yet, working through the Fasti we discover that the theme is 'Caesar', not 'Augustus', which is only invoked three times.
Here Sancho creates a rustic vision of the month of May for his master, one that is carefully crafted from the festival of the Floralia and the description of May in Ovid's Fasti.
OVIDIO, Fasti, III, 167-258, sobre la fiesta de Matronalia, y que incluye su version de la leyenda de las sabinas.
The ongoing implementation of our new VAFORIT system at Karlsruhe UAC will ensure we are fully FASTI compliant," said DFS representative Gerwin Vogel.
The Fasti have generated scholarly controversy from the moment of their discovery to the present day.
Certainty has eluded us to this point, but one approach to the question has not been tried: an investigation of the praetorian fasti for 49.
For all the good scholarship that exists on the Church in Scandinavia, there was no modern critical foundation for its study comparable to Watt's Fasti for Scotland before this volume, in which a team of scholars directed by Helmuth Kluger (aided by the general editors Odilo Engels and Stefan Weinfurter, here supported by Tore Nyberg) have studied the sees and bishops of the archbishopric of Lund.
The volume in question is an edition of Joseph Koller's Fasti Austriae, in singulos anni menses, cum metro, tum prosa, compendio digesta .
The Compressed Air Chiller (CAC) Dry Water system from Fasti GmbH in Austria targets large containers (20 liters or more) and technical parts.
The echoes Hale notes of Ovid's treatment of Roman ritual, the Fasti, are suggestive: as Ovid slyly eased Augustus out of the calendar which the princeps had recently revised, so Milton ejects the king from the social ritual that binds community.
Oldebourg Verlag: Munchen-Wien, 1963], which--though quirky--still has a persuasive view of the connection between the calendar, the Fasti, and a probable date for the dedication of the Capitoline Temple of Jupiter (13 September, 507).