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1. of or relating to a form of government or a country in which power is divided between one central and several regional governments
2. of or relating to a treaty between provinces, states, etc., that establishes a political unit in which power is so divided
3. of or relating to the central government of a federation
4. (of a university) comprised of relatively independent colleges
5. a supporter of federal union or federation


1. characteristic of or supporting the Union government during the American Civil War
2. a supporter of the Union government during the American Civil War
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The Minister said, I am introducing a Bill to extend the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Islamabad High Court to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas [The Supreme Court and High Court (Extension of Jurisdiction to Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Bill, 2017].
Alaska only has one federally chartered bank that is headquartered in Alaska--First National Bank Alaska.
While these events happen only about one percent of the time, they result in higher electricity costs, in the form of federally mandated "congestion charges" that are eventually passed on to Connecticut electricity consumers.
also explicitly provides that states would retain their ability to levy taxes on insurance premiums, including those paid to federally regulated insurers.
Federally assisted co-operative housing is designed to provide modest, affordable housing to low and moderate-income households.
A so-called Federally Qualified Health Clinic would provide more access to medical care for poor people and people without health insurance while at the same time getting the hospital higher payments from Medicare and Medi-Cal.
The instructions specifically state: "It does not include an SSN issued only to al low a person to apply for or receive federally funded benefits.
persons convicted of producing methamphetamine on federally assisted housing premises;
These tools have been funded through MITRE work in its federally funded R&D centers as well as under its own independent research and development program.
These sources must submit compliance certifications to document compliance with any federally enforceable emission limitation.
Title XI contemplates a dual state and federal role in fulfilling its goal, which, as indicated in its statement of purpose, is to provide "that federal financial and public policy interests in real estate-related transactions will be protected by requiring that real estate appraisals utilized in connection with federally related transactions are performed in writing, in accordance with uniform standards, by individuals whose competency has been demonstrated and whose professional conduct will be subject to effective supervision.
Following a temporary moratorium, in effect since March, on federally funded experiments involving transplantation of fetal tissue, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced this week that a panel of experts in law, medicine and bioethics will examine the difficult questions surrounding fetal tissue transplantation for the potential treatment of such disorders as Parkinson's disease and diabetes (SN: 4/23/88, p.

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