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see mental retardationmental retardation,
below average level of intellectual functioning, usually defined by an IQ of below 70 to 75, combined with limitations in the skills necessary for daily living.
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Chapter 8 is "Very Dear to My Heart: Confronting Labels of Feeblemindedness and Epilepsy," while chapter 9 is "Like Ordinary Hearing Children: Raising Offspring According to Oralist Dictates.
32) In addition, several researchers claimed a dramatic increase, in some reports as much as 200%, in the incidence of feeblemindedness.
5) Female homosexual desire in its working-class guises was comparatively invisible to authorities who were much more concerned at the turn of the century with prostitution, venereal disease and feeblemindedness.
Much earlier, Kanner (1957) distinguished between what he called "absolute" and "relative" feeblemindedness.
This concept smacks of the turn-of-the-century eugenics movement in the United States when laws were passed to sterilize people who were thought to have the genes for feeblemindedness, epilepsy, prostitution, and pauperism.
The feebleminded thoughtfulness or thoughtful feeblemindedness of intellectuals--Your Example: why should I not kill my grandmother if I want to?