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(Free and Eventually Eulisp) An initial implementation of an EuLisp interpreter by Pete Broadbery <pab@maths.bath.ac.uk>. Version 0.75 features an integrated object system, modules, parallelism, interfaces to PVM library, TCP/IP sockets, futures, Linda and CSP. Portable to most Unix systems. Can use shared memory and threads if available.



An expression used to describe a pilot's reaction when using an aircraft control. If the control is power operated or power assisted, an artificial feel is usually put on the control stick to give the pilot a correct impression of the effect of movement of the controls. The term also refers to the method by which a pilot gets an aircraft heading, altitude, and air speed he or she wants from the aircraft. The pilot may do this by “the seat of the pants”; from aircraft's instruments; or finally, from the airframe vibration or engine noise. It is a subjective assessment of the aircraft's response to flight, using controls, stability, stick forces required, and other factors that may influence the pilot's opinion.
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I feel as though I'd rather be killed than be raped.
More than half feel trapped in a daily routine, compared with just one-third of their non-workaholic counterparts and nearly 6 in 10 say they just don't have time for fun any more, compared with 3 in 10 non-workaholics.
Some will want to play out violent or rescue fantasies; others will feel vulnerable and act withdrawn.
C: Not a day goes by when I don't think about her and feel her.
Therefore, the investigator can choose phrases that underscore the witness' feelings or emotions, such as "how did all of this feel to you?
Panic attacks don't last long, but they are so scary they feel like they go on forever.
They made him feel his black skin by just standing there looking at him .
Accept it; much of the anger you feel is associated with hurting others (or the suppressed wish to hurt others) in order to force them to change in a direction you believe is more suitable.
COACH: How do you feel about athletes serving as role models for young people?
I feel no pressure at all over and above what is reasonable.
Assured of their safety, most Young Eagles feel the way Craig did at the end of his first flight: "I didn't want it to end," he says.