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see feldsparfeldspar
or felspar
, an abundant group of rock-forming minerals which constitute 60% of the earth's crust. Chemically the feldspars are silicates of aluminum, containing sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, or barium or combinations of these elements.
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, felspar
any of a group of hard rock-forming minerals consisting of aluminium silicates of potassium, sodium, calcium, or barium: the principal constituents of igneous rocks. The group includes orthoclase, microcline, and the plagioclase minerals
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Glaze G#44 (A) Blue- Conrad's collection, 8/8/08 (C) Black (B) Felspar, Custer 41 (D) Temperature = C/3-5 Ox or Rd (F) Cornwall stone 25 (E) Surface = High gloss (G) Gerstley borate 25 Transparency = Translucent (H) Edgar Plastic 04 Fluidity = Little flow (I) Kaolin Zinc oxide 03 Colour = Clear (J) Lithium 02 Toxicity = Avoid breathing dust (K) carbonate 100(M) Application techniques = Brush 3 thin coats (L) Glue (CMC) (N) Notes: (O) Unity formula (P) GG#44 [above] 100 (Q) Copper oxide 04 (R) Surface = High gloss (G) Cobalt oxide 02 Transparency = Opaque (H) Granular Fluidity = Little flow (I) magnetite Colour = Blue-black (J) trace Glaze appl.
Felspar, a provider of web-based infrastructure software for the telecomms and service industries, has launched its new business-to-business e-commerce billing system.
The red soil layer is clay loam to light clay in texture, with some field-observable quartz and felspar grains, but containing much less granular material than in the underlying soil horizons.
The limestone, which is primitive, has running through it in different directions, veins from one to three or four inches thick, composed of quartz, felspar, mica, and granular lime-stone: through which the oxide of Titanium is sparingly disseminated.
Custer Felspar 100 325 Silica 40 Pfizer Vicron Whiting 40 EPK 3.
He recites a litany of raw materials, pointing out examples: "lead basilicate frit and white felspar plus opacifier, give a background for colour response; zirconium gives a hard, clean white, tin a softer white; vanadium pentoxide gives a soft yellow; copper with an alkaline base gives Egyptian blue, or with an acidic base gives green.
The 69-year-old, who lives in nearby Felspar Road, added: ``It's about time something was done before somebody is knocked down by yobs racing cars down the lane.
One good place to rent a classic beach cruiser ($5 an hour, $20 all day) is Bicycle Discovery, 742 Felspar St.
2d, Mica, selenite, potstone, hornblende, felspar, diamond spar, calc spar, heavy, spar are arranged together; and 3d, Of columnar heavy spar we have the following description: "Usually of bright white colour.
There are basically three essential ingredients in porcelain: kaolin (china clay), felspar (china stone) and silica.
Feibleman makes her own clays from her own stash of felspar.