felt paper

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building paper

A heavy, relatively cheap, durable paper, such as asphalt paper, used in building construction, esp. in frame construction, to improve thermal insulation and weather protection and to act as a vapor barrier. Special types are: sheathing paper, used between sheathing and siding; floor lining paper, used between rough and finish floors.
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The old felt papers provided a reservoir to take inwardly driven moisture, as did plywood and board sheathings.
com Labels PS eggshell felt paper, Tapp Label Technologies, tapptech com Capsules Black 120micron 62mmx30mm, Rivercap USA, corksupply.
RoofTopGuard Craftsman covers a 1200-square-foot house in one or two lightweight rolls compared to 30-pound felt paper that could require five or more rolls to cover the same house.
The manufacturing process utilizes 100% post-consumer waste, converts it into pulp and fibers, and then, through a chemical-free manufacturing method, the product is pressed into a durable felt paper, typically available in 36-inch x 100-foot rolls.
Stucco is generally applied over a barrier layer of felt paper or building wrap.
Front and rear headers, roof rafters, decking, more corner braces, felt paper and finally roll roofing were installed.
Since the WTO's reports were issued on April 6, the US has had to pare down its original sanctions list by two-thirds, and the new targets include coffee and tea-making machines (mainly hitting Germany), bath oils (mainly affecting the United Kingdom), handbags (mainly France), uncoated felt paper and paperboard (UK mainly), folding cartons and boxes (UK mainly), greeting cards, bed linen (Italy and France mainly), and lead-acid storage batteries.
The products currently targeted for 100% tariffs if the EU does not change its banana regime are bath preparations, mostly from the UK; handbags from France and Italy; uncoated felt paper and paperboard in rolls, mostly from the UK, France and Germany; bedlinen, predominantly from France and Italy; batteries from the UK and France; and electrothermic coffee and tea making machines, mostly from Germany.
Low perm building materials can include vinyl or metal siding, insulated sheathings with foil or plastic coverings and low perm plastics that are substituted for felt paper, a permeable building paper.
ZIP System([R]) roof panels also have a built-in protective barrier that serves as a moisture barrier and eliminates the need for felt paper and H-clips.