female thread

inside thread

The thread on the inside of a pipe, fitting, or machine screw.
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The handles are available in a range of sizes and can be ordered from stock with either a male or female thread.
This re-engineered thread form adds a unique 30-degree wedge ramp at the root of the female thread which mates with standard 60-degree male thread fasteners.
There is an interesting female thread to the Oaks sires, as Kris, a brother to Diesis, had five runners during the 20-year period, with three places, although no wins.
11 female thread size to fit most buffers up to 3,200rpm.
Unlike traditional fasteners that use a 60-degree thread, the device has a 30-degree wedge ramp cut at the root of the female thread.
It includes a 1/4" hex for quick hand-drill attachment and a 5/16"-27 female thread to accept all standard shotgun cleaning accessories.
The Spiralock component uses a 30-degree "wedge" ramp cut at the root of the female thread (while traditional fasteners use a 60-degree thread).
It is installed between the nozzle body and nozzle tip and comes with a standard female thread that fits any standard tip.
Standard valves MNPT inlet X FNPT outlet with optional female thread, socket weld, welding nipple and sanitary connections available.
For maximum customer choice, the piston rod is available with a male or female thread as well as a stroke extension and bellows.
The Thumb Nut series of thumbscrews with internal female thread can be used as a stand-alone thumbscrew or in conjunction with the company's Instant Thumbscrew Knob to create a thumbscrew with a check nut, thereby facilitating locking down an adjustment.