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(of animals and plants) existing in a wild or uncultivated state, esp after being domestic or cultivated


2 Archaic,
Astrology associated with death


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Feral is a term used to refer to a wild animal. “Feral signs” is an older designation, similar to the term bestial signs. In traditional astrology, the Moon was also sometimes said to be feral when it was void of course.

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En este sentido, se destaca el trabajo que viene desarrollando FERINE, con el apoyo de CEAR, como un paso importante hacia la constitucion de una opcion organizativa de caracter estatal (13).
It is our own needful contact with the vital wild that speaks most powerfully in Long's work, in which stone and wood function much as "power objects" do in shamanism: as totems of a universal consciousness, of the munificence of the natural, austere, and ferine, soliciting our devotion with terror and infinite beauty.
The analogy between extreme forms of domestic violence and torture reveals that the literal removal of the abused from her community and her isolating imprisonment are disquietingly synonymous with the structure of official torture, which uses isolation both to mask the ferine effects of its execution and as a psychological weapon against the tortured.