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a vessel or other water conveyance for the regular transport of land vehicles, people, and cargo across water. There are river, sea, and lake ferries, which may or may not be self-propelled. Ferryboats that are not self-propelled include rafts, rowboats, barges, and scows. One such conveyance may serve as a ferryboat, or a number of conveyances may be joined together with a common cargo platform. As a rule, non-self-propelled ferryboats are used on rivers and are moved by a cable stretched between the banks, by oars, or by a towboat. People may be ferried short distances on small passenger vessels having a capacity of 10 to 100 persons. Railroad cars and motor vehicles are transported on specially built self-propelled river and sea ferryboats equipped with one or more decks for vehicles. Railroad ferries operate, for example, between Baku and Krasnovodsk on the Caspian Sea, between Vanino and Kholmsk on the Sea of Japan, between France and England, and between Denmark and Sweden.

Ferryboats with load capacities of 5 to 70 tons and more are used for military purposes. Such ferries make use of a standard pontoon train and improvised floating material, and are used to force rivers.

What does it mean when you dream about a ferryboat?

A ferryboat is often a symbol for being transported across the threshold of the unconscious to inner realms of one’s psyche. Dreams of ferryboats can also relate to changes in life circumstances.

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The Ferryboat in Goodwick for sale with Christie & Co for PS395,000
Most of these ferryboats operate without a licence," stressed another municipal official, Ghada el-Kadi, blaming the problem on a lack of State control.
The driver started the bus, but lost control just before the ferryboat reached the other bank of the Nile," a witness told the television.
The ferryboat in the new service will make six round trips per week between Moji and Busan.
Riordan, 23, had been charged with assault after the rammy in the Ferryboat Inn near his parents' home in Drylaw, Edinburgh.
In this paper passenger liner traffic in various Croatian navigational areas will be investigated, as well as the share of seasonal passenger liner traffic in the total annual traffic for the period from 2000 to 2004, and the volume of seasonal (summer) traffic in relation to annual ferryboat, regular service and fast service traffic for each navigational area.
Just when Dan is about to admit he loves Debbie, she announces she's leaving Chester to be a ferryboat singer - no, I didn't think such a job existed either.
Reportedly wielding a pistol and knives, the men seized a ferryboat and ordered the captain to take them and the craft's 50 passengers to Florida.
The tour is a five-day event, which starts with a ferryboat ride out of Mackinaw City, up through Lake Huron and into Sault Ste.
Businessmen, shoppers, and tourists elbowed through the 656-foot-long Grand Nave as ferryboat bells chimed and newsboys squawked and, far above, the tower's great clock kept time.
n THE speed of Government action to investigate the deaths at sea of seven animals in ferryboat last week demonstrated official anxiety to protect Ireland's vital livestock trade.
For more information, readers should contact Voyager Foods Ltd at Sunrise Enterprise Park, Ferryboat Lane, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.