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Any abnormal development of an embryo, either morphological or biochemical.



a disease of or injury to a human embryo occurring between the middle of the first and the end of the third month of intrauterine development. Embryopathy may be caused by a genetic disturbance or by a pathogenic factor that affects the embryo through the mother, such as hypoxia, poisoning, or an infectious disease. Embryopathy may result in malformation of embryonic organs, developmental anomalies, and spontaneous abortion. Prevention calls for the protection of the mother’s health during the first months of pregnancy.

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It is this fetal hyperinsulinemia that leads to most of the fetal problems, collectively known as diabetic fetopathy, seen in diabetic pregnancy (26).
Fetopathy associated with exposure to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor antagonists.
Again, none of the babies had any evidence of ACE inhibitor fetopathy.