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see FèsFès
or Fez
, Arab. Fas, city (1994 pop. 772,028), N central Morocco. In a rich agricultural region, it is connected by rail to Casablanca, Tangier, and Algeria. The city is noted for its Muslim art and its handicraft industries.
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, Morocco.



(named for Fès, Morocco, where the production of fezzes was widespread), a woolen or felt hat in the shape of a truncated cone, usually with a black or dark blue tassel, which is often interwoven with silver or gold. The fez is worn by men in Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, and Southwest Asia and is part of the native dress in some regions of Albania and Greece. It is worn either under a turban or as a separate hat. From 1826 to 1925 a red fez with a black tassel was the official headgear of civil servants and soldiers in Turkey.

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The domestic industry was recognised in the late 1800s, when local fezzes won Paris and Chicago exhibition prizes.
Hundreds of men in fezzes, curly-tipped shoes and colorful costumes will parade this morning down Lancaster Boulevard.
Tudor Jones, secretary of the Tommy Cooper Society, which is aiming to raise pounds 40,000 for a statue of the comedian in the town where he was born, said: 'About 50 golfers teed off, all wearing fezzes.
Tudor Jones, secretary of the Tommy Cooper Society, said: 'My wife has been putting elastic straps on the fezzes to keep them on in the wind.