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A benign tumor composed primarily of fibrous connective tissue. Also known as fibroid tumor.



a mature benign tumor of connective tissue, which can occur in any part of the body. Fibromas may be diffuse or encapsulated, depending on the nature of their growth. Fibroblasts are the source of fibromas, hence their other name, fibroblastomas. The symptoms and the course of a fibroma depend on the site and the rate of growth. Malignant degeneration sometimes occurs. Fibromas are treated surgically.

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6) Jones and colleagues, who studied a series of 9 cases, proposed further categorizing benign fibromatous testicular and paratesticular lesions into fibromas of testicular tunics or of gonadal stromal origin, angiomyofibroblastomas and fibroblastic/myofibroblastic pseudotumours.
We looked into having the fibroma removed abroad at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and started thinking about selling our home to finance the treatment.
1998) Criteria Age at Onset Major Facial angiofibroma Infancy to adulthood Ungual fibroma Adolescence to adulthood Shagreen patch Childhood Hypomelanotic macule Infancy to childhood Cortical tuber Fetal life Subependymal nodule Childhood to adolescence Subependymal giant Childhood to adolescence cell tumor Retinal hamartoma Infancy Cardiac rhabdomyoma Fetal life Renal angiomyolipoma Childhood to adulthood Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Adolescence to adulthood Minor Multiple pits in dental enamel Hamartomatous rectal polyps Bone cysts Cerebral white-matter radial migration lines Gingival fibromas Nonrenal hamartoma Retinal achromic patch "Confetti" skin lesions Multiple renal cysts Note.
Cardiac fibroma is a rare, benign tumor, which occurs especially in children and rarely in adults.
Incidental lesions typically found in children include unicameral bone cyst, fibrous dysplasia, and non-ossifying fibroma.
Sharjah A medical team at Sharjah University Hospital have successfully removed 68 fibroma tumours from a woman's uterus in one surgical operation.
Farkli isimlerle adlandirilmakta olup akrokordon, fibroma pendulum, fibroepitelyal polip, yumusak fib rom, "skin tag" bu isimler arasinda yer almaktadir.
Desomplastic fibroma of the mandible is a rare, benign but locally aggressive bone tumour that was first reported in the mandible by Griffith and Irby in 1965 (1).
Chanel Carter, who once dreamed of becoming a dancer, was diagnosed with a rare benign tumour, Desmoplastic Fibroma, at the age of 12.
Chanel was just 12 when she was diagnosed with desmoplastic fibroma, a rare condition which affected the growth bone in her right foot leaving her in agony whenever she walked.
Histopathology of tumour and progression of mammary tumorigenesis: Based on histopathological analysis, tumours were classified in to 5 types: papilloma, fibroma, adenoma, fibroadenoma and adenocarcinoma (Table II).
Of the under-the-skin growths, a fibroma is a more likely diagnosis than a ganglion cyst.