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A sarcoma composed of spindle cells that produce collagenous fibrils.



an immature malignant tumor of connective tissue; a malignant variant of fibroma, fibromyoma (leiomyoma), or fibroadenoma that can occur in any part of the body. It is characterized by invasive and destructive growth but sometimes has distinct contours. In cross section it looks like fish flesh. A fibrosarcoma has a marked capacity to metastasize, chiefly through blood vessels. It can often be distinguished from a fibroma only by histological examination and is treated surgically.

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Fibrosarcomatous DFSP shows a similar local recurrence rate to ordinary DFSP but 13% of fibrosarcomatous DFSPs develop distant metastases.
Occasionally, Bednar tumour may undergo fibrosarcomatous transformation with rare examples of pulmonary metastasis.
The fibrosarcomatous subtype is associated with a relatively favorable prognosis in both species (30).
Approximately 10% of DFSP are a more aggressive subtype with fibrosarcomatous progression FS- DFSP.