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Some tropical primates live on a diet of over 80% figs. Roman champions ate figs. Figs are a densely mineralized sweet fruit and contain one of the highest concentrations of calcium of any food. Fig trees are great to have because they don't take a lot of space and they don't get diseases or insects. A very no-care plant. Originally from the mediterranean area, they grow well almost anywhere in the world, even in places where it snows, as long as they are kept out of the cold north winds. They are high in protein, seriously high in fiber, highly alkalizing. Coffee substitute, helps quit smoking, aids fertility, good for bodybuilding. Figs are ready to eat when they don't have the white milky sap inside them anymore and the insides start turning darker. You can eat figs fresh off the tree, or dry them, freeze them, use them as sweeteners in salads, smoothies, sandwiches etc. Do NOT eat them unripe while they still have white milky sap (latex). No visible flowers
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The mineral content of Ficus carica is shown in Table 2.
The common fig, Ficus carica, is (gyno-)dioecious, as are about 50% of the about 750 fig species (Berg, 1990).
Ficus carica used for treating skin diseases and laxative [2] Paronychia argenta used for treating urinary system [28] Polygonum equisetiforme used for treating urinary tract diseases [28] Malva parviflora used for treating skin diseases [1].
Contudo, os valores medios aqui mensurados podem ser considerados baixos para a especie Ficus carica, pois PIGE et al.
Macrofossil plant remains Sample volume, ml A, 600 B, 400 C, 800 CULTURAL PLANTS Cannabis sativa 1 Fagopyrum esculentum 1 Ficus carica 1 Papaver somniferum 4 2 COLLECTED PLANTS Corylus avellana 1 3 Fragaria vesca 4 79 Humulus lupulus 2 36 Rubus idaeus Yaccinium vitis-idaea 1 Yaccinium sp.
This pest has been considered a primary pest only in the fig Ficus carica L.
1998) observed a survival rate of 90% for Ficus carica 'Bursa Siyahi' using turf and perlite (2:1 v/v) as substrate.
Offer B: Fig tree - ficus carica "brown turkey" - has large decorative leaves, ideal for the patio.