field observation

field check

1. At a field site, a survey of existing conditions; also called a field observation.
2. At an existing structure, a comparison of dimensions with those shown on drawings; also called field measure.
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The author covers early primate field studies, the turning of field observation into a science, the changing definitions of onaturalo in mid-twentieth century primate studies, and a variety of other related subjects over the bookAEs six chapters.
The ministry would also carry out field observation before the president gave the recommendation that real conditions in the field would be considered by the government in making policy.
Our objectives were to: (1) document the food items used by wolverines at the southern periphery of the species distribution, (2) determine if the general pattern of scavenging ungulates during winter and preying upon small prey during summer existed in our study area, and (3) determine if the field observation technique was biased in its ability to detect ungulates vs.
Konow Lund undertook her field observation at three different locations: TV2's newsroom in Oslo, TV2's newsroom in Bergen, and VG Nett's offices in Oslo during different periods in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Shimari added that after field observation, it became clear that there was big collusion by some in charge of protecting the prisons; there were no guards in the area from which the prisoners escaped, except for one officer and two soldiers.
In addition to the survey, contractors were also assessed through direct field observation of work performed during residential construction jobs.
Data were collected through focused group discussion, field observation, and document study.
According to field observation and measurements conducted by Phivolcs at the eastern sector inside the Main Crater Lake, the water temperature increased from 30.
According to Badr, civil servants will benefit from the geo-enabled Building Permit that enables surveying and spatial data submission, tracking, and visual monitoring and reporting of urban development progress, as well as field observation.
But that member still requires 1,000 hours of field observation, Pauley said.
As it turns out, the rates are based on pure speculation, not field observation.
First, field observation component of the project was planned.