file association

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file association

(1) The relationship of one file to another based on the data it contains.

(2) An established relationship between a file and the application used to open it. There are default file associations pre-configured in every operating system for all the common file types. However, if a file's icon or name is clicked without a default association, the OS prompts the user for the application to use. File associations can be easily changed (to learn how in Windows, see Win File association).

Associate a File in Windows XP
For Vista and subsequent versions of Windows, use the Default Programs control panel to change associations (see Win File association). In Windows XP, open Explorer and select Tools/Folder Options/File Types and scroll to the file extension. Click Change and select an application.

Associate a File in the Mac
To change a file association in the Mac, click on any file of that type and select Get Info.
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You can even restore android backup files and flash/boot img files with just a double click, using file association options.
Harris Miller, CEO and president of file Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, formerly file Career College Association, says for-profits undergo far more scrutiny than other higher education institutions.
Handwritten vitals and scanned ECG test reports with transcription and file association errors complicate matters further.