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Off-site backup includes carrying home critical files on a USB drive, manually copying files to your Web space after encrypting them with a file compression program, and using an automated online backup service.
Software highlights: Handles "shoe box" data; maintains complete audit trail; includes tax planner, fixed-asset management; depreciation schedule supports MACRS with midquarter convention, ACRS, ADS, SLS and DDB; automatic client letter/billing; fully integrated modules for 26 states; pop-up hlep screens; file compression program that shrinks size of typical corporate data file to less than 10Kb.
In addition, a number of file compression programs provide encryption though not as strong as the encryption programs.
Although similar, this technique should not be confused with popular file compression programs such as PKZIP and PKARC.
I was particularly pleased that file compression programs, used to compress files prior to copying them to floppy, are unaffected by the utility.