file sharing protocol

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file sharing protocol

A high-level network protocol that provides the structure and language for file requests between clients and servers. It provides the commands for opening, reading, writing and closing files across the network and may also provide access to the directory services. Sometimes called a "client/server protocol," it functions at the application layer (layer 7 of the OSI model).

In order for a client to have access to multiple servers running different operating systems, either the client supports the file sharing protocol of each operating system or the server supports the file sharing protocol of each client. Software that adds this capability is very common and allows interoperability between Windows, Macintosh, NetWare and Unix platforms. See Samba. See also peer-to-peer network.

Operating   File SharingSystem      Protocol

   Windows     CIFS, SMB

   DOS         SMB

   Mac         AFP

   NetWare     NCP

   Unix        NFS, Samba

Sharing Files on a Mac
This is part of the Mac OS X sharing dialog that enables Macs to share files with other Macs (AFP) and Windows machines to see the files on the Mac (SMB).
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The four important file-system-level integration requirements for NAS data sharing discussed in this article--filenames, attributes, locking, and security--are resolved via operating system capabilities (Unix and Windows/NT), rather than by the file sharing protocols (CIFS/SMB and NFS).
New WAFS products combine distributed filesystems with caching technology to allow real-time, read-write access to shared file storage from any location, while also providing interoperability with standard file sharing protocols such as NFS and CIFS.
Interoperability: The Panasas storage cluster connects to any TCP/IP Ethernet network and delivers high performance clustering of both the UNIX NFS and Windows CIFS file sharing protocols.
In addition to dramatically reducing the networking costs resulting from the explosive growth of file sharing protocols like FastTrack (KaZaA), Sandvine's network equipment for service providers will now control traffic originating from both Bittorrent and Direct Connect, emerging file-sharing programs that are growing in popularity.
Disk space can be allocated on a user-by-user basis using a quota mechanism that works with file sharing protocols such as NFS (Unix), CIFS (Microsoft Windows), and Apple Talk (Macintosh).
From the LAN user's perspective, the Storage Cache appears to be a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, providing access to shared files using standard file sharing protocols like CIFS (for Windows) and NFS (for Unix).
Compass Global Music has developed a branded media player with proprietary file sharing protocols and digital rights management technologies.
In addition, the Presence-AR Adapter for PowerPoint uses new wavelet compression technology and file sharing protocols that eliminate the large file limitations, slow refresh, and partial screen display problems that plague most interactive presentation systems.
In a review of the Snap Server 4100 with v3 of the Snap OS, Macworld gave the product a "Four Mouse" rating for its speed, RAID 5 protection, easy installation, multiple file sharing protocols and excellent security.
CrosStor SAN Controller appliances connect directly to the SAN, coordinate disk access to shared files, manage access for Microsoft (CIFS) and UNIX (NFS) file sharing protocols, and perform SAN administration functions.
CrosStor has made its SAN file sharing protocols available to the File System Working Group of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), where they are currently under standardization review and gaining enthusiastic acceptance.
For example, the filer enables UNIX and Windows NT workstation users running the same application to share data using native file sharing protocols.