file size

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file size

The length of a computer file in bytes. Following are common file types and sizes. See space/time, file and byte.

KB=kilobytes  MB=megabytesGB=gigabytes  TB=terabytesFILE TYPE     APPROX. SIZE

 Text          2KB per page

  MP3           4MB per song
  FLAC         20MB per song
  CD-DA        40MB per song

 Database      KBs to TBs**

 CAD drawing   KBs to GBs**

 Spreadsheet   KBs to MBs**

 Bitmap image  KBs to GBs**

 Bitmap image at 300 dpi
  3x5" print    4MB
  8x10" print  20MB

  DVD           4GB
  Blu-ray      25GB+
  3D Blu-ray   50GB+

 Video         5 to 100MB per minute***

 ** depends on amount of data,
    complexity of drawing or
    size and resolution of image

 *** depends on resolution
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Referring to it as a 1Meg file would be misleading, as it is a 5-megapixel image size, and a 15MB uncompressed file size that has been compressed to a 1MB JPEG.
Our new web and mobile resolution file sizes of our world-renowned photos and illustrations are the perfect fit at an affordable price, and people now have the opportunity to demonstrate their best creative work online.
DCT tends to yield higher compression ratios; nevertheless, average ratios of original data file size to compressed file size tend to fall in a range of 2:1 to 9:1 (Brown & Shepherd, 1995, p.
For environments that read and write large file sizes, the RAID array performs better with higher MB/sec transfer rates.
Effective management of mask data at 65-nm and beyond is not only about file size reduction.
PixSense's technology advantage includes its patent-pending Bio-Compression[TM] technology that provides real-time, on-device media compression, reducing the file size of photos and videos up to 85 percent without compromising media quality.
The SmartHint method improves display quality while reducing the number of instructions required for each hint, thereby reducing file size and storage requirements.
CHICAGO -- Kaon 3D PDF(TM) brings remarkable compression to PDF documents with 3D objects, dramatically reducing file size for easy email transmission and reduction in space requirements
SRK's unique architectural design has allowed for the development of out-of-the-box email encryption applications that encrypt and decrypt 75MB files in less than 5 seconds and add only 100K to file size.
Advanced encoding is a critical enabler for digital media proliferation, delivering high quality output with significant file size and bandwidth savings.
The advantage of the DTS Digital Cinema Encoder lies in its ability to achieve any desired bit rate or distribution file size, while maintaining constant image quality compliant with DCI standards.