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1. Dentistry
a. any of various substances (metal, plastic, etc.) for inserting into the prepared cavity of a tooth
b. the cavity of a tooth so filled
2. Textiles another term for weft



in dentistry, the restoration of the shape and physiological functioning of a tooth by means of an inlay. The filling of teeth prevents progress of dental caries and isolates affected tissues from the microorganisms present in the mouth.

Cavities formed in the hard tissues of the teeth are filled with a malleable material that eventually hardens. A tooth is prepared to receive a filling by the surgical excision of tooth tissues that have lost their firmness. A cavity of a definite outline is then formed. Temporary fillings are sometimes used to cover cavities in which medicinal substances have been applied.

Permanent fillings are made from materials with sufficiently high sturdiness, hardness, and resistance to the effects of saliva. They differ little in color from the crown of the tooth and are harmless to both the tooth and the entire body. Filling materials include phosphate cements, silicate cements, silicophosphate cements, acrylic plastics, preparations based on epoxy resins, and amalgams consisting of a hard solution of metals (silver) in mercury. When filling teeth with amalgams, plastics, or silicate cements, a packing of phosphate cement or artificial dentin (zinc-sulfate cement) is made, and then the filling material is injected into the tooth canal with a special probe needle or plugger.


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The loading of trucks with any material.
An increase in the central pressure of a pressure system on a constant-height chart, or an analogous increase in height on a constant-pressure chart; the term is commonly applied to a low rather than to a high.
(mining engineering)
Allowing a mine to fill with water.
The yarn running perpendicular to the lengthwise, or warp, yarn in weaving. Also known as pick; weft; woof.
In cloth finishing, a clay or starch used to add body and weight.


1. The application of a filler to fill cracks, dents, and other surface imperfections.
2. Same as infilling.


An increase in the central pressure of a meteorological system. The term applies to a low rather than a high. Filling is the opposite of deepening.
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