Film Library

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Film Library


an institution or a section of a film studio that collects and preserves films and original film materials, such as negatives, positives, and sound tracks, as well as documents, for example, scripts, cue sheets, reviews, and photographs. Film libraries also engage in the classification and scientific study of the cinematic works in their collections; when necessary, they also do restoration work.

The films and materials kept by film libraries are subjected to special treatment to prevent deterioration of photographic and physicomechanical properties. They are then housed in special archives, where they are kept at a strictly regulated temperature and humidity. Film libraries at film studios collect and store fragments of films previously released, as well as sound tracks with music and sound effects that can be used to make other films. Many film libraries conduct cultural and educational programs by arranging lectures and film showings and organizing film festivals and similar undertakings. In the USSR teaching film libraries have been established and integrated into the system of public education.

The principal film libraries include Gosfil’mofond SSSR, the Film Library of France, the National Film Archive of the British Film Institute, the State Film Archive of the German Democratic Republic, the Polish Film Library, the Czechoslovak Film Archive of the Czech and Slovak Film Institute, and the Department of Film (formerly, the Film Library) of the Museum of Modern Art in the USA. All are members of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), which organizes the international exchange of films and helps popularize the best film productions.


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This film library is comprised of 12 digital masters of such films such as "Johnny Mnemonic" with Keanu Reeves, "I'll Sleep when I'm Dead" with Clive Owens and "Never Talk to Strangers" with Antonio Banderas.
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Autumn in New York'' with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder has earned $37 million since its August debut, but the studios said its extensive film library, home video sales and low overhead drove the company's fifth consecutive quarter of profitability.
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NASDAQ: CRWN), owner and operator of the Hallmark Channel, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of the domestic rights to its film library to RHI Enterprises, LLC.
PolyGram Film was the most significant modern film library available,'' said Stewart Halpern, an ING Baring Furman Selz analyst.
OTCBB: VACM) (Frankfurt XETRA: VAM), a Las Vegas-based entertainment production company, is pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent for the acquisition of full-power broadcast stations, a film library and a broadcast production facility.