final approach fix

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final approach fix (FAF)

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The fix and/or waypoint located on the final approach course of an instrument approach procedure prior to the point of the glide-path intercept on a precision approach procedure; prior to the final approach fix on a non-precision approach procedure that has a designated final approach fix; prior to any stepdown fixes on a non-precision approach procedure with designated fixes but no final approach fix; or at a point that would permit a normal landing approach on a non-precision approach procedure with no final approach fix or stepdown fixes. It is a fix from which the final IFR (instrument flight rules) approach to an airport is executed and which identifies the beginning of the final approach segment. An FAF is indicated on the charts. A Maltese Cross symbol is used for non-precision approaches, and the lightning bolt symbol is used for precision approaches. When ATC (air traffic control) directs a lower-than-published glideslope or -path-intercept altitude, it is the resultant actual point of the path or path intercept. Also called a centerline fix.
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65--it says: "If specifically requested by the pilot, aircraft may be vectored to intercept the final approach course inside the approach gate but no closer than the final approach fix.
At the final approach fix, he reduced engine power for a descent.
Upon passing the final approach fix, the GPS sequenced to the missed approach point rather than the step-down fix shown on the approach chart.
As I crossed the final approach fix, I dropped beneath the veil of clouds and emerged from a sharply delineated cloud base.
Once inbound, the profile view has a stepdown to 1500 feet at HUKVI and to 1100 feet at the final approach fix (the CCR VOR again).
5 miles from the ILS's final approach fix and was instructed to report a left downwind for Runway 20.
You may still log the approach once you've passed the final approach fix.
Your controller will call the final approach fix (FAF) for you.
A procedure will be notated as "Alternate NA" when the facility providing final course guidance, identifying the non-precision final approach fix, missed approach guidance, or a facility required for procedure entry is not remotely monitored.
The captain of TWA514, apparently under the mistaken assumption the lack of an altitude assignment permitted an unrestricted descent to the final approach fix crossing altitude, initiated a descent to 1800 feet msl upon receiving the flight's approach clearance.