final grind

polish grind, final grind

In concrete work, the final operation, in which fine abrasives are used to hone a surface to its desired smoothness and appearance, as for terrazzo concrete.
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Test work found that the iron contained in the mineralised material begins to liberate at a size below about 1 mm, so a primary grind size of 600 micron has been selected for the processing plant, with a final grind size at a relatively coarse 250 micron.
Before doing the final grind, I like to drill out the old screw holes an inch deep or so and plug with a hardwood dowel retained by Elmer's wood glue.
50: City final grind their opponents down as McKenzie follows up on a saved Birchall shot.
Attachment allows Bandit Beast Recyclers to color mulch during the final grind of the mulch making process.
To ensure proper mating when the part goes into service, Rotech makes the final grind of the taper in a DIN 69063 certified HSK receiver.
The first session was devoted to the essentials of the roaster's craft, room green through to the final grind, and next the group moved on to the Chopin Cafe, run by the Dylag family.
Two milling trains, each comprising a 28MW SAG mill and a 22MW ball mill, will produce a final grind of 80% passing 212 micron for flotation.
Some of the commercial grinders used today are air cooled, others are water cooled, and it is very important not to let the grinding temperature get too high because it affects final grind result.
Hughes -- Dress the grinding wheel before the final grind.