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1. the concluding part of any performance or presentation
2. the closing section or movement of a musical composition



(1) The concluding section of a cyclic musical composition—sonata, chamber piece, concerto, or symphony. It usually has a fast tempo and is in rondo or sonata form. In the 18th century, the finale was customarily lively.

(2) The concluding scene of an opera or ballet act. As a rule, the finale consists of a number of solo, ensemble, and choral segments. An opera finale often has swift plot development and is either dramatic, usually containing the climax of the act or of the entire work, or solemn and monumental.

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Les quarts de finale sont fixes au 14 avril, les demi-finales le 21 du meme mois et la finale le 28 avril.
After that, the creator and star teased in the caption that there are "big surprises" in the finale and that fans will laugh and cry.
Les Casablancais seront opposes en finale au vainqueur de l'autre demi-finale qui mettra aux prises demain dimanche Al Ahly (Egypte) et l'Etoile sportive du Sahel (Tunisie).
In addition, dozens of new instruments have been added to Finale 2014.
Speaking on Madhya Pradesh Mega Finale Celebrity anchor Amit Tandon said, "It was expected that ladies from MP are going to be good but the way they gave tough competition to each other was very entertaining.
The company said Finale SongWriter 2012 is an expanded version of its free Finale NotePad and contains features such as auto-harmonization, real-time music entry, expanded page layout controls and .
Finale, a self-taught artist, found the courage through God.
Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) graduates from high school in tonight's series finale of ``Malcolm in the Middle.
Summer study and full-year scholarships to the Boston Ballet School, the Ailey School, the Joffrey School, and elsewhere will be awarded at the Grand Finale.
After an inordinately long and frustrating time, Finale version 3, at long last, provided users with the ability to open and work with multiple documents.
NASDAQ: MMUS), world leaders in music technology, today announced upcoming releases of its flagship solutions of Finale notation software.
Apres la reunion organisee lundi, il a ete negocie que le stade Wanda Metropolitano accueille la finale de la Coupe du Roi, qui se tiendra le samedi 21 avril", a ecrit la RFEF dans un communique.