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See meteorite.

What does it mean when you dream about finding something?

Finding an object in a dream often symbolizes discovering something in our lives—finding our sense of self-identity; finding our place. The dream might also be drawing on the meaning of common idioms, such as to “find out,” “find one’s bearings,” or “fault finding.”


(industrial engineering)
The therblig representing the mental reaction which occurs on recognizing an object at the end of the elemental motion search; now seldom used.


(1) To search for text within the current document or Web page. Control-F in Windows and Command-F in the Mac open a search box for entering text. Pressing Enter starts the search and each subsequent press continues the search.

(2) (Find) An external DOS/Windows command that provides a "case sensitive" search for text in a file. Find is also used to locate files based on the text within the file name (see filters and pipes). Grep is the Mac/Unix/Linux counterpart to Find; however, there are third-party grep utilities for Windows as well (see grep).

The following example locates all the batch files in the current folder that contain the text XCOPY:
find "xcopy" *.bat
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Having previous examples of your work--peer-reviewed articles and datasets, as well as theses/dissertations, blog posts, slide decks, and other less formal outputs--easily findable and accessible can make it simpler for reviewers to get a sense of your work, particularly if you are an early-career researcher and have few published articles.
Creating RDF triples and publishing the data they hold for everyone to use in linked open datasets will both benefit libraries by making their data more findable and accessible on the web and by providing a wealth of high-quality information for other institutions and individuals to make use of in new and exciting ways.
If PS100m is really findable from sources unknown then a lot of Coventrians will have ideas about how it might be better spent.
This is a huge untapped resource, according to Mobli's founder Moshe Hogeg:"The crowd is capturing everything but it is not findable.
Swarmize was designed to make data findable, usable and re-usable.
If you sit on songs, it allows you to pick and choose what you put out there, meaning your findable body of work will be the best songs you have written.
com)-- Inter Mobile Ventures today announced the launch of the Findable Android app, the next evolution in mobile commerce for India.
Pluto, in Sagittarius, is findable before dawn but is still far from ideally placed.
Illuminated manuscripts are not findable, and there is only one associated entry, "Manuscript illuminators" ("see Poulet, Master of the Prayerbooks," etc.
This means your mobile content needs to be well-written, findable, and appealing.
If the missing plane was findable, then it would have been found.