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See meteorite.

What does it mean when you dream about finding something?

Finding an object in a dream often symbolizes discovering something in our lives—finding our sense of self-identity; finding our place. The dream might also be drawing on the meaning of common idioms, such as to “find out,” “find one’s bearings,” or “fault finding.”


(industrial engineering)
The therblig representing the mental reaction which occurs on recognizing an object at the end of the elemental motion search; now seldom used.


An external DOS/Windows command that provides a "case sensitive" search for text in a file. Find is also used to locate files based on the text within the file name (see filters and pipes). Grep is the Mac/Unix/Linux counterpart to Find; however, there are third-party grep utilities for Windows as well (see grep).

The following example locates all the batch files in the current folder that contain the text XCOPY:
find "xcopy" *.bat
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It's about political considerations and finding ways to insure more schools make AYP," says Hall.
She says finding ways to be more effective with fewer resources is always a challenge.
Often high on the list of challenges faced by real estate managers is finding ways to cut energy consumption of the properties they manage.
However, what is lost in the uproar is that people in poor societies given the opportunity to work at any steady job at any steady wage are grateful for the opportunity and show their enthusiasm by finding ways to constantly improve the efficiency of what they do.
Ian Howcroft, vice-president of CME's Ontario division, says finding ways to deal with the skills crises that is resulting from the loss of qualified people due to retirement is one of the main tasks of the CME right now.
The people are the cornerstone of these communities and have an important role to play in finding ways to improve them.
He is currently leading an international study focused on finding ways to repair MS damage to the central nervous system.
The important point is to spend time learning about what each person is proud of and finding ways to incorporate these into the life of the facility.
Just as important as finding ways to improve the performance of silicon is getting these breakthroughs out of the labs and into the marketplace quickly," said Bijan Davari, vice president of semiconductor development, IBM Microelectronics.
TARZANA - A pig who apparently escaped becoming sausage thanks to a snout for finding ways out of tricky situations found sanctuary Friday at the Gentle Farm Foundation.
Steering clear of ever-longer limos, the cost-consciuos are finding ways to go out without going all out
The great museums] are constantly finding ways to view their materials in a fresh way contextually," she says.