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fine-textured, fine-grained, fine-grain, fine-grown

Descriptive of wood of uniform texture having small closely spaced pores or cells.
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This under-estimation in fine-textured soil was due to the fact that the soil specimen during pre-loading was saturated.
If D = 2 is taken to represent a flat surface (11), it is clear that the fine-textured surface has a rather rough character, where D is in the range 2.
Enhanced diffuser options now include the following: an A19 lens/overlay providing high-angle lighting control, a shadowbox square frame offering a diffuse-Lambertian effect; a micro-prism lens/overlay achieving a fine-textured appearance, and a satin white lens giving a soft and uniform volumetric distribution.
Sandy soils generally have low water- and nutrient-holding capacity and are less fertile than fine-textured soils.
5 percent purified oat beta-glucan--a light, fine-textured, whitish powder--to low-fat yogurt mix and compared the results to yogurt mix with no oat fiber.
3 | Bratwurst(American) Fresh, often lightly smoked, and usually fine-textured pork sausage.
A beautiful, fine-textured tile to visually expand any room in your home and one that's also fast and easy to install - it's the perfect fall fix-up project.
The lawns in Palm Springs, almost without exception, consist of fine-textured hybrid Bermuda grass.
It is a hard, fine-textured wood that shows sanding scratches readily.
In experiments, scientists took about 10 min to make the flour in a twin-screw extruder, which yielded a fine-textured cooked flour.
Likewise a classic t-shirt and skirt can be given a touch of unmistakable Parisian chic with a blazer with a large houndstooth-check pattern on a summer-light, fine-textured chenille fabric.