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fire resistance

1. The capacity of a material or construction to withstand fire or give protection from it; characterized by its ability to confine a fire and/or to continue to perform a structural function.
2. (Brit.) The ability of a component of building construction to satisfy certain criteria, specified by the BSI, for a stated period of time.
3. According to OSHA: so resistant to fire that, for a specified time and under conditions of a standard heat intensity, it will not fail structurally and will not permit the side away from the fire to become hotter than a specified temperature.
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Influence of nano-boron nitride on fire protection of waterborne fire-resistive coat-ings--Ying Dong and Guojian Wang
Fire-resistive gasketing of elevator shaft doors or shaft air pressurization have been used to retard smoke spread through the elevator shaft.
Additionally, there is a comprehensive list of resources for fire resistive design, and appendices with both MBMA sponsored and other fire-resistive assemblies.
In addition to fire-resistive assemblies testing, UL's Fire Safety division offers a full range of testing for fire-resisting and fire-stopping products.
It's known as fire-resistive construction," Rick Leach, part of the facilities management team, said of the campus's design.
Second, its lack of chlorine and higher hydrocarben content diminish its fire-resistive properties relative to HCFC-141b, making it difficult to achieve a Class I rating at 4 in.
The fire-resistive systems, however, did not and could not have contemplated the subsequent fire fueled by thousands of gallons of jet fuel.
Shannon: Just like many facilities built before the 1980s, applied combinations of fire-resistive construction and materials were used as the preferred method of construction in nursing homes.
These requirements include maintaining vital records in a records vault or, for small volumes, a listed one-hour device in a fire-resistive building; maintaining permanent records in a records vault, a file room, an archive, or a records center; and maintaining long-term temporary records in a file room or a records center.
Fire-resistive construction is composed of heavy masonry material (with no exposed steel) and will withstand fire exposure for a period of time.
And, similarly, fire-resistive buildings should cost less to insure than frame buildings.
The key ingredients of fire-resistive coatings vary depending on the type of coating.