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1. Law the resolve or design with which a person does or refrains from doing an act, a necessary ingredient of certain offences
2. Med a natural healing process, as by first intention, in which the edges of a wound cling together with no tissue between, or by second intention, in which the wound edges adhere with granulation tissue



a purpose or goal; the direction or directedness of consciousness, will, and, to a certain extent, feelings toward an object. The concept of intention dates back to Scholasticism, which distinguished “primary intention,” oriented toward a particular, from “secondary intention,” oriented toward a universal.

In the 19th century the concept of intention was again introduced into philosophy by the German philosopher F. Brentano. In his view, intentionality signifies the “objectness” of any act of consciousness, that is, its necessary relatedness to a certain—real or imaginary—object. Ideas of intention and intentionality are central (as universal characteristics of consciousness) to the views of A. Meinong (Austria) and E. Husserl (Germany). These concepts, particularly through the work of Meinong, were adopted by psychology, resulting in a refinement of ideas of the nature and direction of psychic activity, as well as in the formation of the concept of set.



A term used by ATC (air traffic control) to ask a pilot, “What do you plan to do?”
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After becoming a Muslim, his first intention was to visit Makkah to perform Umrah and it was then that Hamza set out on a journey by land and crossed 7,000 km from Morocco to Mauritania, and then Burkina Faso, reaching Niger.
Lars Quadejacob, who found the files, said that it wasn't Hitler's first intention to impress the public but the military elite, as they were reluctant to support the Nazi party at first and on three occasions the Nazi regime showed their commitment to the railways - during the 1935 Nuremberg Centenary celebrations, on the high-speed 05.
If Bale, Benzema and Cristiano are well, they will play and our first intention is to score, rather than defend.
After three years of work, he only has what he could find in newspaper collections, even though his first intention was to study non-edited declarations.
His first intention is to find a job in the banking industry.
The first intention was to stop the session at 8 pm, which was later extended to midnight, and finally the MPs left slightly after 10 pm after the debate turned lifeless.
It was never her first intention to write a best-seller.
As team manager, the first intention is to get through to the final, then it's another meeting after that.
First intention management of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) by custom-made mandibular advancement device: the medium-term results.
Our first intention was not to go out and do X, or have this happen.
My first intention and stimulus to write this was as a love letter from a mother to daughter to help my daughter go through life with plenitude and happiness.
Roy "Every game you play after a defeat is an ideal game," said Hodgson, "Our first intention, of course, is to bounce straight back from Newcastle and to get back to winning ways after a disappointing result and performance.

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