fish hawk

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fish hawk:

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, common name for a fish-eating bird of prey found near water in most parts of the world. The osprey, or fish hawk, Pandion haliaetus, has brown upperparts and a grayish white head and underparts.
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Copeland, the New York City marine architect who had previously designed the Fish Commission's Fish Hawk.
That officer had considerable experience with marine exploration as the first commander of the Fish Hawk and through an earlier assignment with the Navy's Hydrographic Office.
Three years later, Baird diverted his newly completed hatchery vessel, the Fish Hawk, from her normal duties and directed her to another station on the Gulf Stream slope.
Navy's High Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapons Concept (HAAWC) competition, successfully demonstrating a new weapon system -- the Fish Hawk -- March 21 at the Eglin flight demonstration range in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Fish Hawk is a kit that attaches to Raytheon's MK54 lightweight torpedo and enables submarine-hunting aircraft like the P-8 Multi Mission Maritime Aircraft and P-3 Orion to precisely deploy torpedoes from high altitudes while standing off a safe distance from a target.
We are very excited about the addition of Fish Hawk to our company," said Nature Vision president and CEO, Jeff Zernov.
Ospreys, or fish hawks as they are otherwise known, can achieve a wing-span of six feet and migrate northwards each year from tropical Africa and southern Asia.
The Airflo Small Waters competition there last Saturday was won by Derek and Darren Grabham and Terry Sharp - the Fish Hawks team - with 16 fish.
The competition, run by The Tyne and Wear Fishing Association, attracted 40 anglers and winning team on the day was the Fish Hawks from Teesside with 16 fish.
A partial list of current members includes the Commerce & Industry Association of NJ, the Chemistry Council of NJ, the African American Environmentalist Association, the NJ Alliance for Action, the Southern NJ Developmental Council, the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, The Plumbers and Pipefitters (Union Local 322 and Local 9), the NJ Business & Industry Association, and the Fish Hawks (Lacey Township-based organization).