fishing wire

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1. A long tempered-steel, resilient wire, usually having a rectangular cross section, used by electricians in pulling wires through conduit or through an inaccessible space; the snake is threaded through first, followed by the wire.
2. A tool used by plumbers to unblock a pipe or sanitary fitting; usually a highly flexible metal wire, given a rotary motion by a crank at one end.
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The three discs were attached to each other with fishing wire and hung from either the canopy or the hula hoop.
Then capes were meant to look like they were elevating, but they were actually being raised by fishing wire, but it got all caught up in her wig.
The court heard on the first night her mother was away the man used fishing wire to pull the girl's musical keyboard onto the floor.
On one end of the facility, the fabric is woven on looms using fishing wire.
Seed beads and sequins should be sewn on, not glued, and I suggest using fishing wire, not thread, for bead strength.
I then attached one end of some 40lb breaking-strain fishing wire to the pin that activates the alarm, and the other end to a drain cover on my drive.
String together in two groups of three using fishing wire, leaving about 5 in.
He took more than 200 golf balls, drilled holes through the middle and strung them with wire and hung them from the ceiling with fishing wire.
uk @MARTINSHAWWRNS A WOMAN out walking her dog helped save the life of a tawny owl trapped in fishing wire in a tree.
The best wire is Surflon Micro Supreme from American Fishing Wire.