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A number representation scheme where a number, F is represented by an integer I such that F=I*R^-P, where R is the (assumed) radix of the representation and P is the (fixed) number of digits after the radix point.

On computers with no floating-point unit, fixed-point calculations are significantly faster than floating-point as all the operations are basically integer operations. Fixed-point representation also has the advantage of having uniform density, i.e., the smallest resolvable difference of the representation is R^-P throughout the representable range, in contrast to floating-point representations.

For example, in PL/I, FIXED data has both a precision and a scale-factor (P above). So a number declared as 'FIXED DECIMAL(7,2)' has a precision of seven and a scale-factor of two, indicating five integer and two fractional decimal digits. The smallest difference between numbers will be 0.01.
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On coincidence and fixed-point theorems in symmetric spaces.
Until recently for contact temperature measurements, the maximum defined fixed-point temperature was that at the freezing point of copper (at 1084.
This paper proposes hardware implementation of a simple conversion method for converting 16-bit fixed-point numbers to 64-bit IEEE 754 standard number and vice versa in Cyclone II from Altera, where, current dq PI controller uses 16-bit I/O bus.
A customer in Europe had a PID loop that we converted to fixed-point math in about 10 minutes.
SWINDON has become the first town in the UK to do away with fixed-point speed cameras.
SWINDON became the first town in the UK to do away with fixed-point speed cameras.
Just because there will be no more fixed-point speed traps in the town does not mean motorists cannot be caught, he said.
Their topics include contraction mappings, fixed point theorems in partially ordered sets, topological fixed point theorems, variational and quasivariational inequalities in topological vectors spaces and generalized games, best approximations and fixed point theorems for set-valued mappings in topological vector spaces, degree theories for set-valued mappings, and nonexpansive types of mappings and fixed-point theorems in locally convex topological vector spaces.
Using metal-carbon compounds as fixed-point materials in graphite crucibles reduces the risk of these materials being contaminated by the material of the crucible as the graphite is a part of the eutectic compounds.
One way to address this issue is to consider using fixed-point DSPs instead of processors with floating point architectures.
This comparison, with NIST as a pilot laboratory, had a very large number of participants--15--and required the use of delicate thermometric fixed-point cells and standard platinum resistance thermometers.

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