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Photog a solution containing one or more chemical compounds that is used, in fixing, to dissolve unexposed silver halides. It sometimes has an additive to stop the action of developer



a mixture of chemical compounds that converts the undeveloped silver halide in a photographic emulsion into watersoluble complex salts. The primary constituents of fixers are usually thiosulfates, chiefly sodium thiosulfate. Fixers are applied in the form of an aqueous solution or paste.

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Chief Superintdendent Tomas Apolinario, Southern Police District director, said police officers posed as passport applicants to arrest the fixers.
Fixers works with young people aged 16-25 by providing them with professional resources to help them campaign on issues that matter to them.
Fixers has already worked with over 12,700 young people across the UK and given them a chance to tackle the subjects that matter to them - from cyber-bullying, selfharm or suicide to the need for more random acts of kindness.
According to Mutschke has revealed that it is true that fixers have already approached players and referees and the fix of choice would focus on the number of goals in a match.
The BCCI chose to ignore pleas by a senior counsel for Enforcement Directorate to bring about a stringent law to deter fixers.
Bike Fixers will provide free bike servicing, while free cycle guides and maps will be available.
CWHR is offering short courses of 3 to 6 months duration in the disciplines including mason, form work fixer, Steel fixer, Plumber Painter, Bricks and block manufacturing, Plastering works, Laboratory technician, installation of small, medium, large block manufacturing plant and false ceiling and plaster board installation.
Their job as fixers will be to make sure everything runs smoothly in one country each as the band travels to Germany, Spain and France.
FLUORESCENT FIXERS help turn energy saving rote a decorating spree.
Unless you're under 18, you really don't want to be prancing around on the beach in a floral string bikini, and this year there are plenty of options that are figure fixers .
The top wage earners in the Nation's textile mills were loom fixers and maintenance electricians, according to a June 1985 occupational wage survey.