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flash disk

(1) See USB drive.

(2) A storage module made of flash memory chips. Flash disks have no mechanical platters or access arms, but the term "disk" is used because the data are accessed as if they were on a hard drive. The disk storage structure is emulated.

The first flash disks were housed in Type II PC Cards for expanding laptop storage. Subsequently, flash memory disks have arrived in a variety of formats, including entire hard drive replacements (see solid state drive), memory cards for digital cameras (see flash memory) and modules that fit on a keychain (see USB drive).

Early Flash Disks
The 40MB and 175MB modules are Type II PC Cards. Not even one gigabyte, their capacity is utterly minuscule by today's standards. Nevertheless, they provided extra storage for the first laptops. The 15MB module is an earlier CompactFlash camera card. (Image courtesy of SanDisk Corporation, www.sandisk.com)
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New Innovative Slots Iphone Cases With a Flashdrive to Create Buzz Over Iphone Users
There's a handy 2 in 1 highlighter that contains page markers that are sure to be a big hit in every office, a 2 in 1 stylus and screenwipe designed for smartphone users; and a Flashdrive inside a wristband that's perfect for people on the go.
The ability to simply copy macros, fonts, and bitmaps to the ezLCD-304 flashdrive from a PC via USB, and execute commands using a serial terminal program allows for rapid product development under Windows, Linux, and OSX operating systems.
Key features include the integrated 4-way MCU, content sharing, meeting recording to a USB flashdrive, iOS and Android apps for remote operation, content sharing and phonebook storage.
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The TT-500 offers unlimited timing capacity as well as automated 'store alerts' for specific, predetermined events, and can be updated easily with a USB flashdrive.
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In the coming few years we expect substantial growth in the emerging consumer markets that we address, including increased adoption of flash cards in the mobile phone market to store music, pictures and video, the flash music player and smart USB flashdrive markets and the exciting market for our cards in video game consoles.