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5 sqmm Flat Cable 65 mtr (Make : Finolex / Polycab ), Control Panel Box with starter -01 No.
The specially designed flat cable enables full closure plus locking of window for an energy efficient seal without degradation in performance.
Energy and auxiliary power or the ASi bus signal are distributed in the field by a 5+2 pole flat cable.
A newly designed flat cable eliminates annoying tangles and lasts longer.
The Hoop has a built-in microphone and remote onto the flat cable made from TPE - a feature that's handy in the real world.
All variants of the earphones come with a flat cable as well as two extra soft rubber earbuds.
Its newly designed flat cable ensures hassle free usage & offers great durability.
The ability to incorporate feedback pairs, shielded control wires, power conductors, tubing for liquid or air transfer, video conductors, a FlexRail Self-Supporting Flat Cable System, and Cicoil's StripMount Fastening Strip.
The company's compact, non-toxic, silicone-encased flat cable solutions are engineered to provide space and weight savings, durability and cable flexibility, and are suited to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of food processing applications.
Each output is completely powered by the auxiliary black flat cable.
5-mm pitch, zero-insertion force connector was developed for applications that utilize both, flexible printed circuit (FPC) or flexible flat cable (FEC).
The first two modules offer two analog outputs each; one for 0-20 mA operation for flat cable connectivity and one for 0-20 mA operation with an M12 round connector.