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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Various Flat Cut Gaskets As Per Tender
If done with care, hopefully the freshly cut stock will reveal a nice square, flat cut with little to no edge or border damage.
With Churrasco, you want thin slices of meat that will take on the marinade quickly so for beef, the most common cut that they use is a long flat cut of skirt, aka plate steak, it's not the same as flank steak though so don't get the two mixed up when you are at the butchers.
The company says that its Model 2175A Maxi-Shear Flush Cutter is ideal for degating plastic parts from sprues because it employs "by-pass cutting" to achieve a clean, flat cut, "rather than squeezing and deforming the parts like conventional compression-type cutters .
With its flat cut feed zone the double flighted screw ensures a high input of shearing energy, so that a high degree of melting has already occurred prior to compression.
The focal point of the front portion of the restaurant is a substantial bar which has a five-inch thick white-hued calcutta gold marble top with graining laid out in a book matched, flat cut.
Georgian garnets were usually oval, flat cut, and set in gold with closed backs.
For example, it uses cheaper flat cut blanks, provides on-line codings and date stamping and produces a tighter sleeve.
Make a flat cut on the end of the stem that grew closest to a branch, and an angled cut on the end farthest from the branch.
Features include its use of flat cut blanks (less expensive than pre-glued sleeves), on line coding and date stamping, portability and ability to accommodate a variety of tray types and sizes, including complex die-cut shapes and sleeves for round containers.
Upside Down: Pastoral Scene consists of a forest of artificial tree trunks and grafted organic roots, doubled like the faces of playing cards through the placement of the flat cut end of each stump onto a mirro r on the floor.
A THERE is a system where flat cut tiles and pebbles are stuck to a mesh backing.