flat foot

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flat foot,

condition of the human footfoot,
in anatomy, terminal part of the land vertebrate leg. The term is also applied to any invertebrate appendage used either for locomotion or attachment, e.g., the legs of insects and crustacea, and the single locomotive appendage of the clam.
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 in which the entire sole rests on the ground when the person is standing. When the foot muscles are weakened or the ligaments are strained and stretched, the arch lowers, so that instead of the natural curved contour, there is flattening of the entire sole. Sometimes no discomfort accompanies flat foot. However, fallen arches may cause disalignment of other foot structures so that there is pain not only in the arch area but also in the calf muscles and sometimes as far up as the lower back; the discomfort is increased by prolonged standing. Flat foot may be inherited or may be caused by rickets, obesity, metabolic disorder, debilitating disease, or faulty footwear. Treatment and exercise directed by an orthopedic physician are sometimes advisable. Arch supports or other devices to be worn inside the shoe are often prescribed.
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Achieved data from the study was investigated and analyzed statistically by using statistical--descriptive methods (abundance percent and average [+ or -] standard deviation) of t test, far average difference in independent groups, about quantitative variables (stress urinary incontinence and displacement level of navicular tuberosity) and accurate exam of Fisher for qualitative variables (stress urinary incontinence and flat foot observation) by using statistical software SPSS version 18.
Subjects were classified as flat foot and control group based on data from radiograms.
This is due to a flat foot and can cause back problems, particularly if the condition affects just one foot
I have to say that this is potentially a very serious problem and can develop into adult acquired flat foot syndrome.
The innovative forward-pedaling design, developed in 2003, was first featured in Electra Townie[R] and 20" Kids' bicycles and was named Flat Foot Technology[R].
Thus a less force is conveyed to pelvic floor and finally, urinary continence substitute with incontinence clinically [12], Aim of this study is to investigate existence of relationship between flat foot as one of the most important foot disorder and stress urinary incontinence.
According to a study released today, few people know the type of arch they have, and even patients who require surgery for a flat foot usually don't know that their foot is flat.
The webcasts will include surgical demonstrations utilizing Wright's GRAFTJACKET(R) Regenerative Tissue Matrix to reinforce primary tendon and ligament repairs associated with Achilles tendon ruptures, flat foot deformity and chronic ankle sprains.