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, flier
1. an aviator or pilot
2. a fast-moving machine part, esp one having periodic motion

flier, flyer

1. Any of the steps in a straight flight of stairs, each tread of which is of uniform width (as distinguished from the treads in a winding stair).
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One third (33%) of the general population think that it is impolite to fully recline on a short flight (less than 4 hours) compared to only 21% of frequent fliers (those taking 4 or more flights a year).
Parents in the county have asked Americans United to help the school system draft a new policy governing distribution of religious fliers.
At Grant High in Van Nuys, police found medical marijuana fliers on car windshields in August and said they appeared to be ads to get teens high.
For a few months the night fliers had little night work; instead, they flew much-needed close air support missions for the ground forces.
Eugene police are asking residents to treat the fliers as evidence.
Some travelers are opposed to elite airline security lines reserved for frequent fliers and business-class travelers.
Fliers said the strip - first paved in the 1970s - is known as the best in Southern California, with people coming from as far away as Palos Verdes and Lancaster to use it.
com, we are helping frequent fliers enjoy automotive travel as much as they do air travel," said Bill Nicholson, vice president for MSI.
Raymundo Serrato, a volunteer who was passing out fliers in the back of the facility, said two other volunteers later informed him that they were told to leave.
The preferred boarding area gives first and business class, and elite frequent flier passengers the opportunity to board at their leisure at anytime throughout the boarding process without waiting in line.
color) Sharon Anton is trying to maintain a good quality of life in her Valley Glen neighborhood with an Apartment Watch program and fliers informing residents of city rules restricting noise and litter.