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flies, fly loft

The space over a theater stage for hanging scenery or other equipment by means of movable rigging.
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Insecticides are important for control, but house flies are particularly good at developing resistance, and their larvae tend to stay deep enough within their gooey food to avoid exposure to sprays.
Flies have compound eyes containing more than 4,000 photo receptors, or lenses, in each eye, allowing them to see in almost any direction at once.
They've found that a tiny dab of mouth-watering yeast paste incites male flies to strike threatening wing poses at each other and then come to blows.
In fact, the fly control category is literally saturated with products designed to repel or kill flies but only after they've matured and gained the ability to fly.
The flies with no DJ-1[beta] had normal life spans and showed no neuronal degeneration.
2% of flies caught outside a broiler house in Denmark had the potential to transmit Campylobacter jejuni to chickens, and hundreds of flies per day passed through the ventilation system into the broiler house.
Harrison Ford owns and flies both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
Besides tying, distributing, and exporting thousands of flies a year, the Beattys also guide fishing trips, write fly-tying books and columns, produce fly-tying videos, speak at various fly-fishing events, and manufacture dubbing wax and floats.
Some catchers are so good on pop flies, especially behind the plate, that you may occasionally see major league infielders defer to them on a pop-up.
This proprietary addition to Ecolab's industry-leading Large Fly Program attracts and eliminates flies before they enter a facility.