flight standards district office

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flight standards district office (FSDO)

An FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) field office serving an assigned geographical area and staffed with flight standards personnel who serve the aviation industry and the general public on matters relating to the certification and operations of air carrier and general aviation aircraft.
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I am impressed by the thoroughness and attention to detail our local Flight Standards District Office inspectors applied to our certification request.
We at the FAA consider Horizon an industry leader," said Ernie Keener, FAA safety inspector for the Portland flight standards district office.
The FAA believes that the Diamond Award symbolizes the best of what the aviation maintenance industry has to offer," said Kerry Gambrel, Airworthiness Safety Program manager for the Springfield IL Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).
Phil Marraccini, Senior Vice President, Operations, at CitationShares added, "We were able to reach this milestone and achieve FAR 91K authorization only with the cooperative efforts and hard work of our local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) representatives, as well as every member of our operations team.
So, we're honored to receive our third Diamond Award Certificate of Excellence from the DFW Flight Standards District Office," said Daniel Stone, Kitty Hawk's vice president of maintenance and engineering.
It's always a pleasure to work with air carriers with this level of commitment," said Ben Coleman, FAA Airworthiness Safety Program Manager, in the Orlando Flight Standards District Office.
FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors John Ho and Michael Terre of the FAA Flight Standards District Office No.
Business Express Airlines' Director of Maintenance Patrick Murray along with members of his management team accepted the awards from Flight Standards District Office Manager Anthony Liguori and Principal Maintenance Inspector Arnold Silverstone at the FAA offices in Portland, Maine.
Alaska's 591,004 square miles, that office says, are served by three flight standards district offices, three automated flight service stations, 14 auxiliary flight service stations, 120 aviation weather camera sites, 163 automated weather monitoring systems, eight Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) control towers and four military towers, two terminal radar approach control facilities and an air route traffic control center.
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