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They also measured the rotational dynamics, or floppiness, of single-molecules with an accuracy of about 20 degrees.
Nevertheless, the baby was readmitted to the hospital at 7 weeks of age with increasing floppiness, poor feeding and evidence of cardiac failure evidenced by tachypnea, tachycardia with gallop rhythm, hepatomegaly, and radiological findings of cardiomegaly.
The gangly model is drawn with a drooping head and rag-doll floppiness --with any other young artist this might appear accidental, but given Picasso's prodigious skills as a draughtsman, we know it is entirely deliberate.
He was taken into the neonatal unit at the women's hospital where, his parents were assured, the body floppiness noticed at birth would improve.
Acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is defined as sudden onset of weakness and floppiness in any part of the body in a child <15 years of age or paralysis in a person of any age in whom polio is suspected (1).
I talked Herb Reed of Lunker City into building a ringed worm with a fatter internal diameter at the front end for rigging versatility and a tail that sports a smaller inside diameter to maximize the floppiness.
This is a combination of signs and symptoms causing a complex which is often not ascribed to the floppiness.
If there are more severe symptoms, like high temperature, breathing problems, floppiness or rash, take your baby to see your GP in case anything else is causing these reactions.
Symptoms include brittle hair, feeding difficulties, irritability, lack of muscle tone and floppiness (hypotonia), low body temperature, mental deterioration, rosy cheeks, seizures, skeletal changes.
Ms Evans said: "Meningitis used to make me think of babies, floppiness and a rash but there are many more symptoms, and the disease can attack anyone - even healthy adults.