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a small fleet or a fleet of small vessels



(1) An operational unit in the navy of many states that is charged with carrying out a mission in a designated area of a sea, river, or lake. A flotilla consists of formations of ships and aircraft, units of marines, and units of services that maintain its military readiness and routine functioning. Missions of flotillas are executed independently or in conjunction with formations and units of other military forces (combat arms).

(2) A tactical formation in the navy of several foreign states (USA, Great Britain, France, and others) consisting of two or more squadrons or divisions of submarines, destroyers, rocket launches or torpedo boats, minesweepers, and other ships and boats.

(3) An operational unit of strategic atomic-powered missile-carrying submarines of some states (French Navy, for example).

(4) A formation of fishing, expeditionary, or sporting boats, such as the antarctic whaling flotilla Slava.

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The flotilla docks on the Port of Salalah, the largest port in Oman.
Palestine commends the international solidarity movement with its just cause, including the latest flotilla, composed by an all-female crew of parliamentarians, writers and human rights activists, among others he said.
Over five months of sailing, the flotilla visited several Arab Gulf and African countries in a mission to enhance military relations with friendly countries as well as to promote Italian military industry.
Responding to questions by International Business Times, Ruben Blake spokesperson for the Flotilla said, the activists will continue the campaign from Australia shores.
Gaza-Bound Flotilla Said Planning To Depart Turkey in Coming Days [972+]
In a press statement released last week on the flotilla's official website, participants said: "Gaza, we are coming-Despite pressure and threats of violence, flotilla will sail.
He quickly rattled off the GCBS' responsibilities in the Flotilla effort.
Israel's security cabinet has ordered the country's military to prevent a planned flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip but to avoid clashes with activists on board.
Summary: Pro-Palestinian activists from 22 countries plan to set sail in an international flotilla for Gaza from the coast of Crete, organizers said Monday, despite Israel's Security Cabinet ordering the navy to stop the flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip.
Jerusalem, June 27(ANI): The Foreign Press Association has accused Israel of using "threats and intimidation" to stop media coverage of a 10-ship flotilla scheduled to sail to the Gaza Strip this week.
ISTANBUL, Jun 17, 2011 (TUR) -- A new Gaza-bound aid flotilla will set sail by the end of this month without Mavi Marmara, which became the symbol of efforts against Israeli blockade of Gaza after a deadly Israeli raid which killed nine Turks last year.
The Chairman said it is important to note that Freedom Flotilla journey undertaken on 31st May 2010 to Gaza who was suffocating in their own homeland at hand of Israeli goons.