Flow Rate

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flow rate

[′flō ‚rāt]
(fluid mechanics)
Also known as rate of flow.
Time required for a given quantity of flowable material to flow a measured distance.
Weight or volume of flowable material flowing per unit time.

Flow Rate


in hydraulics, the volume of fluid flowing through a cross section of a stream per unit time. The flow rate Q of a fluid for a given cross section ω is determined by the formula

Q = ∫ωu dω

where u is the flow velocity within the limits of d, an elementary segment of the cross section. In steady flow, the flow rate of a dropping liquid is constant along a given stream. The average flow velocity of the fluid can be determined from the known values of the flow rate and cross-sectional area: v = Q/ω. The mass of fluid flowing per unit time through a cross section of the stream is called the mass flow rate M. This rate is related with the volume flow rate by the equation M = ρ Q, where ρ is the density of the fluid. The flow rate of a fluid is measured with water meters, measuring spillways, hydrometers, rate-of-flow meters, and other instruments.


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The emitters E1, E3 and E6 varied little in flow rate during the experiment, ending at 600h with Qr equal to 99.
This randomized control experimental study with a crossover design involved the independent variable of blood flow rate (Qb), measured in mL/min, and the dependent variable of dialysis clearance, measured by Kt/V and URR.
The individual values of Qmax, average flow rate (Qave), voiding volume (VV) and PVR were recorded, and transferred to a standardised proforma, along with the volunteer's name, age and weight and contact info.
Figure 11 displays a comparison of the influence of vortex nozzle outlet pressure on the total mass flow rate through nozzles 3 (2.
2,5,12) Visvanathan (2010) stated that vitamin C in pineapple and papaya can increase the saliva flow rate.
4) Altering the hot water temperature from 29[degrees]C to 43[degrees]C, retaining the flow rate of water at 54 kg/hr and packing density at 110 [m.
In the first case, the engine model reads the input variables (engine speed, fuel flow rate and coolant pressure); the coolant engine-in (or engine-out) temperature can be available from experimental data or computed by means of a radiator model; the coolant flow rate is then computed by the controller in order to satisfy the control specifications.
Liquid flow rate was constant 1 ml/min, which represents flow rate above minimum wetting rate for conditions without air flow rate.
A PLC-based solution was implemented that would sense flow rate via a Coriolis meter while utilizing a program that took into account the rapid changes between high and low flow rates.
Changes in fluid temperature are depending on ambient temperature, insulation, and flow rate in the setting of MIH induction with the infusion of cold fluids have only been investigated under laboratory conditions.
While still in need of standard updates, including irregular curve guidance, suggested flow rate amendments, and a narrower particle testing range, ASTM F2638 is a nice addition to the porous package test family.