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4 p = N/S Pretreatment: Scoring before treatment initiation TNSS: Total Nasal Symptom Score #S: Number of Symptoms SS: Symptom Score #M: Number of Medications MS: Medications Score PF: Peak Flow Value All values [+ or -] Standard Deviation SCIT: Subcutaneous Injection Immunotherapy LDA: Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy TS: Test of significance p: Probability N/S: Not significant Table 3: Treatment Results at 12 Months 12 mo/Pre TNSS #s SS #M MS PF SCIT p < 0.
Next, for each flow value, read the corresponding head value on the manufacturer pump curve and put this value in the pump head column of the spreadsheet.
w]zh is the flow value of unemployment in terms of final goods, which includes unemployment benefits as well as other factors such as home production, and [b.
Jorgensen's example, which contrasted recent sales that indicated $100/SF with a discounted cash flow value of $85/SF, is that only the latter sale incorporated fundamental market analysis.
Saturation flow value is determined on the basis of the average vehicle flow values during the observed time intervals.
Sum of all the elements of the Flow matrix 'F' is named as Flow value of the chain.
The Kitsault Mine Project "has a discounted net cash flow value of $550 million today," Mr.
Title of table, left justified, subsequent text indented Capitalized income values Company Discounted Cash Flow value A 191.
According to the used statistical noise models, traffic flow was evaluated like linear noise source, which can send variable noises and the traffic flow period turn on traffic flow value in two directions.
Small Business Association has a new standard operating procedure (SOP) for small businesses that took effect March 1 that restricts financing of goodwill (the cash flow value of a business) and change the limit to half of the loan amount in which goodwill is included, not to exceed $2,50,000.
The only hard-and-fast requirement in the proposal is that distribution lines install an excess flow value (EFV) in each newly-installed or replaced service line serving a single-family residence for which a suitable valve is commercially available and where conditions are suitable.