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It is worth noting that the Taiwan program has provided the only opportunity thus far to compare MS/MS with bench top fluorometry for Pompe disease within the same program, and in fact there was no performance advantage realized after switching to MS/MS.
The 'CA-800' (pictured right) combines real corneal radii topography, keratoconus and Zernike analyses with fluorometry and infrared meibography, as well as pupillometry, all in one unit.
The new LIBR Genome Center has a Miseq sequencer (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA) and ancillary supporting capabilities, including electrophoresis for qualification, fluorometry for quantitation, PCR for amplification, and fully functional computational analysis capabilities to perform pathogen discovery and microbial genome characterization.
One way to measure primary productivity in situ at an unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution is by active fluorometry (mainly Fast Repetition Rate techniques).
The joint analysis of the data gathered by MIC determination in combination with the compounds and real-time fluorometry showed that compounds ailanthoidiol diacetate (8) and ailanthoidiol di-2ethylbutanoate (11) exhibited a modulating effect in combination with EtBr and a good capacity to enhance EtBr accumulation in S.
At locations where human pollution is present, intensive sampling around outgoing tides for Escherichia coli (Flartel 2011) plus a real-time technique such as fluorometry to detect optical brighteners (Flagedorn & Weisberg 2011), and confirmation with HF183, should result in the identification of specific areas of shoreline or even individual homes where the human pollution originates.
The purified samples are ready for sensitive, quantitative analysis using either HPLC or direct fluorometry.
Determination of ammonium ion by fluorometry or spectrophotometry after on-line derivatization with o- phthalaldehyde.
However, PAM fluorometry was developed for higher plants and not envisioned for studying motile organisms.
The photoluminescence (PL) was measured on a Hitachi F-7000 Fluorometry with a Xe lamp as the excitation light source at room temperature and the excitation wavelength of 310 nm.