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see migration of animalsmigration of animals,
movements of animals in large numbers from one place to another. In modern usage the term is usually restricted to regular, periodic movements of populations away from and back to their place of origin.
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the migratory path of birds from their nesting sites to their wintering sites and back again. The flyways of different bird species or different populations of the same species may vary. Sometimes the spring route differs from the route in the fall. Since birds use the ecologically most favorable routes, the migratory paths of many species frequently coincide. The physicogeographical features of the territory above which the flyways pass and the similarities in the ecological requirements of various species often result in common routes, in which the birds are particularly numerous. Formerly, only such widely used sections of the migratory routes were called flyways. In the remaining sections, the birds, as a rule, fly in a broad front.


(vertebrate zoology)
A geographic migration route for birds, including the breeding and wintering areas that it connects.
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lesser snows harvested in 1999 between the Mississippi and Central flyways.
In contrast, the polymerase basic (PB) 2, PB1, polymerase acidic (PA), nucleoprotein (NP), and matrix protein (M) genes of the novel HPAI A(H5N8) viruses were most closely related to those of the LPAI viruses isolated from the central Asia flyway (online Technical Appendix Figure).
Dr Miles said Nijinda Durlga was the second such site in the south-east Gulf of Carpentaria to be recognised, with part of the cattle property Delta Downs run by the Kurtijar Indigenous People declared an international flyway site in January last year.
Considering these results as well as the apparent increase in the transcontinental migration of EUWI into the Pacific Flyway, we believe that attempts to gain a better understanding of the ecology and natural history of this Palearctic wigeon in the Sacramento Valley are warranted.
He said the Indus Flyway is important as a large number of birds of diverse species, including water fowls, cranes, teals, pintail, mallard and gadwall, take this itinerary.
Soybean crops struggled mightily across the lower Mississippi Flyway.
Recent research indicates that human activities such as mechanical shellfish dredging and bird hunting in one wetland has negative impact on bird numbers in other wetlands within the same migratory flyway.
Thankfully, Brian Harrington from the Manomet Bird Observatory in Massachusetts had been conducting pioneering work, laying the foundation for understanding the flyway of this subspecies.
Additional study sites in Virginia and New Jersey offer the opportunity to examine how food resources, habitat use and behavior differs over the flyway.
officials are now testing thousands of birds in the Pacific and Atlantic flyways.
New York City is this nexus of ancient migratory flyways, and the parks have become these havens for these birds, but .
As such, the project had to meet North American and European environmental standards and was resited twice to avoid the flyways of the critically endangered Galapagos petrel.