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Session 6 on development in foamed products will include the following presentations: "High frequency coaxial cable--an application for microcellular foaming technology in extrusion," Karl Audenaerde and Johannes Lorenz, Kabelwerk Eupen AG, Germany; and "Development of an environmentally friendly thermoplastic printed circuit board manufactured by foam extrusion," Dieter Langenfelder, J.
Construction, the largest foamed plastic market, will be stimulated by opportunities in insulation, flooring, carpet padding and other areas.
BA210 for LDPE, HDPE, and PS foamed at 350 to 400 F.
Excellent dimensional stability of hot EA foamed extrudates make these materials particularly good candidates for the chemical foaming process.
The newest generation of RTV silicone foams combines the best of previous foamed silicone technology.
All of Earthstone International's products are made from finely ground recycled waste glass, which is combined with non-toxic foaming agents in a patented heating and cooling process to produce white foamed glass in varying degrees of hardness and abrasiveness.
Foamed elastomeric alloys exhibit excellent mechanical properties.
A major early extrusion application in the early to mid-1970s was telephone wire and cable insulation, primarily of foamed HDPE.
One of the thinnest foams ever extruded--a 3-mil, three-layer PE film with a foamed core--was produced on a conventional blown-film line by Ampacet Corp.
a supplier of chemical blowing agents, says he's working on around 75 new applications for foamed composites of a variety of natural fibers, including hardwood, softwood, rice hulls, kenaf, coconut husks, and cotton husks.
The two stumbling points have been the difficulty of foaming PET into consistent sheet product, as well as the difficulty and cost of reusing the copious foamed scrap left from thermoforming.
Esser said the customer is now evaluating the properties of the foamed parts.