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The foliation consists of the cusps, which are the projecting portions and the spaces between the cusps.


A five-lobed pattern divided by cusps.


Having more than five foils, lobes, or arcuate divisions.


Having four foils, lobes, or acute divisions.


Having six-lobed pattern divided by cusps.


A three-lobed cloverleaf pattern.
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The company is now servicing its flexo cold foils, offset cold foils, hot stamping foils, holographic foils and cast and cure films directly to these countries.
APT Foils is celebrating the one-year milestone of its Polish distribution centre, which has seen a significant increase in turnover, as well as continued sales growth month on month.
But we discovered that our first attempt at high speed the foils were limited by a phenomenon called cavitation that the boat encountered when sailing over 50 knots.
The Birmingham office of the law firm advised aluminium-rolling and recycling business Novelis on the sale of its confectionary foil packaging business in Bridgnorth to Discovery Foils.
Inspired, students bring their collections of foils on which to print--hot-bread bags, coffee bags, foil doilies and more.
Metal foils are being used in a surface insert moulding process to improve on the metallisation that may be achieved by plating or by gluing/screwing on a metal cover.
Having blooded full-back Owen Marshall during the thrilling 23-22 home win over Aberavon last Wednesday, it was the turn of wing Eliot Foils to be given his head against Ebbw Vale.
This product can be used in any aluminum-based applications including push-through blister foil, child-resistant foils, cold-form foil, pouches, sachets, induction seals for bottles and more.
New and improved heat-transfer foils with brushed-metal finish are aimed at automotive and electronics.
Abstract: The contribution treats the topic of statistical properties of image of transparent polymeric foils obtained by the Schlieren optical visualization method applied under laboratory conditions.
There are two possible ways to obtain polarized UCN for the electric dipole moment (EDM) experiment: either one uses magnetized ferromagnetic layers on thin foils [1] or one uses strong magnetic fields of the order of 5 T.